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Enjoying life

Posted September 25, 2013 in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill
Teddy and Frank Beard enjoy their townhome located on a quiet cul de sac.

Teddy and Frank Beard enjoy their townhome located on a quiet cul de sac.

It’s not the acreage they used to live on, but it does offer its own perks of beauty, space and convenience.

Frank and Teddy Beard lived on an acreage for 30 years with their six children. As life’s stages change, they sold their property and moved to town.

“It was hard to leave our place,” says Frank. “We liked the space we had, and we loved our home.”

Now their home is nestled on a cul de sac of quiet and comfort. Not to mention, it’s on Pleasant Hill’s beautiful golf course so their backyard is still open and full of mature trees and golf greens.

Once inside their home, the view is just as striking. The kitchen is open to the living room with windows that allow for a daily reminder that life can be beautiful in town as well. The kitchen counter is low for comfortable seating.

This home, with stairs up and down, is full of spacious bedrooms, guest bathrooms and space for jewelry making in the basement. It’s delightfully decorated with appropriate lighting, colorful art and comfortable furniture.

016With a handyman in the house, when something needs redone or added, the couple makes it happen. They’ve updated a bathroom, laid their own tile and done their own painting.

Another aspect of living Frank and Teddy enjoy is their neighbors and the socializing they all do together. When they step out on their deck by the golf course, neighbors soon join them to welcome the evening.

“We have been blessed with excellent neighbors,” says Frank. “They are just wonderful to be around.”

The couple’s children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and friends also frequent their home for food and fun times.

The location of their home offers convenient outings to restaurants, movie theater and other communities such as Altoona, Ankeny and West Des Moines.

“This area really does provide everything we need,” Teddy says.

It’s been a wonderful 13 years living in Pleasant Hill’s townhomes on Cleburne Court for the Beard couple. Theirs was the first townhouse built and they enjoyed being part of the building process. With no regrets, the couple is still enjoying their decision to move from acreage to golf course living.

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