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Always a home

Posted September 25, 2013 in Altoona, Community Featured
Jon and Cindi Aldrich have moved many times and settled in Altoona 14 years ago.

Jon and Cindi Aldrich have moved many times and settled in Altoona 14 years ago.

Originally from Des Moines, Jon and Cindi Aldrich did their fair share of moving around in and out of state for many years.

In the first 15 years of their marriage, they lived in more than 20 homes. They’ve experienced older homes, building homes and remodeling homes. They’ve rented and they’ve purchased.

Although Cindi has a real appreciation for older homes, she make any house they lived in a home. They lived in Boone in a 1890s two-story stucco and in Burlington, a 1940s home with dormers they removed and added a beautiful staircase and a bigger bathroom.

So, how did Altoona win the hearts and stability of this couple just 14 short years ago?

The many reasons include a school district they found easy to support, a town with a population that was reasonable to rear three children and the numerous opportunities for all of them to thrive —  careers, academics, sports, music and community.

Not to mention, once they saw their current home, they had it purchased within a matter of hours.

“It had everything we were looking for,” says Cindi. “At the time we needed four bedrooms, a dining room, a two-car attached garage and a fenced backyard for our dogs.”

As a stay-at-home mom, Cindi’s focus on the dining room table was paramount. They ate together and played many games on that table with their kids. It’s a tradition she instilled in her son, who is now looking to purchase his first home — with a mandatory dining room.

The game-playing became so popular it followed the family outside for bag toss in the summers.

015“We did everything with our kids,” Cindi continues. “We had everything we needed at our house, and I made everything from scratch, including Halloween costumes.”

Without a doubt, this 1974 Altoona two-story is where Jon and Cindi have had the pleasure of making their own history that includes the tears and joys of raising three wonderful children.

And with all major renovations complete in this home — remodeled bathroom, new kitchen flooring and new roof, the couple is prepared to sit back and enjoy their newest addition to their family — their first grandbaby.

“Now, I have to make a few minor changes to make room for a baby,” Cindi smiles.

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