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1991 Jeep Wrangler

Posted September 25, 2013 in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill
Jesse Sullivan’s 1991 Jeep Wranger was falling apart when he bought it.

Jesse Sullivan’s 1991 Jeep Wranger was falling apart when he bought it.

The 1991 Jeep Wrangler Jesse Sullivan bought two years ago was  in less than perfect condition.

“It was bone stock,” Sullivan says. For the non-gearhead, Sullivan explains that “bone stock” means that nothing meaningful has been done to upgrade the vehicle since it rolled off the assembly line.  It was in really rough condition.

“It didn’t have wheels. It was black, and it was all rusted and falling apart. It still had the original fenders,” he says.

Thanks to Sullivan, this is all changed now — for the better.  The Jeep has a shiny new coat of orange paint and new Ultra Sports Wheels. He’s shaved the fenders and rebuilt the bumpers. Not to mention that he’s replaced about everything else, too.

“I went to replace the sound system this winter,” he says, and one thing led to another. “I ended up redoing the whole interior.”

The Jeep is replete with a Warren towing winch on the front bumper that can tow up to 9,500 pounds.

“I saw the winch for sale, and I thought it’d look cool on the front my truck,” he says.

He says after he dragged the winch home and attached it to the Wrangler, his dad saw it and asked who he bought it from.  Sullivan’s dad recognized the name of the man and chuckled.

“It turns out it was the exact same winch my old man had on the front of his truck when he was my age,” Sullivan says. His dad had sold the other man the winch 20 years ago.

This was Sullivan’s first large project like this.  He and his father like to fix things up in the garage.

“I learned most if it from my dad,” he explains. “We buy things that we think will be nice when they’re done.”

So far, Sullivan and his dad have refurbished the Jeep, two boats and some engines.

“We don’t do it to make a profit,” Sullivan says. “It’s just something fun to do and to be able to say you did it.”

What’s Sullivan’s favorite thing to do in the Jeep?

“Nothing you’d be able to print,” he says, laughing. “The best thing to do is to crank the radio entirely too loud and go out and cruise around.”

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