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Superintendent’s Desk

Posted September 24, 2013 in Community Blogs, Greene County

As I write my weekly blog, I want to let people know that some of the information will be from a Jefferson-Scranton perspective, some will be from an East Greene perspective and some will be from the perspective of the Greene County Schools.  All three school boards are currently meeting and conducting business.  The reorganized Greene County School District will be the school district beginning July 1st of 2014.  The Greene County School Board is currently meeting on a monthly basis in preparation for this date.

It was a very eventful week for the Greene County Schools.  Two weeks ago, school board elections were held for the Jefferson-Scranton and East Greene School Boards.  An election was also held in which the Greene County School Board asked the voters to approve a Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL).  Voters from both the Jefferson-Scranton and East Greene School Districts voted on this public measure and the initial counting of the votes resulted in a tie vote 330 votes for the measure and 330 votes against.  In order for the voter approve PPEL to pass it required a majority of the votes (50% plus 1 vote).  Signatures were collected from eligible voters in order to request a recount of the votes.  This recount took place on Thursday, September 19th.  The recount of the votes resulted in the vote total being 332 votes in favor and 327 votes against and the PPEL ended up passing.

This process was an excellent lesson in the fact that every vote counts.

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