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Support downtown merchants during construction

Posted September 18, 2013 in Community Featured, Grimes

Southeast Main Street in Grimes has been under construction since early spring of this year. Progress is on track, as two of the four phases are mostly completed. The third phase of the project will entail the installation of new utilities and reconstruction of the street and sidewalks along the 200 block of Southeast Main Street.

This third phase takes place in front of many of the businesses in the area that rely heavily on walk-in traffic. Residents of Grimes, like many who live in smaller cities across the United States, have become accustomed to being able to park their vehicles within a few short steps of their destination. During the improvement project, convenience has been sacrificed in the short term for long term benefits.

The improvement plan has tried to accommodate and lessen the impact on the area by adding additional parking lots, which will also benefit the district in the long run. Also, the sidewalks will remain open during most of the project. Some businesses have also allowed for rear entrances to make access easier for their customers.

If you are a regular customer of any of these wonderful Governors District businesses, we encourage you to continue your patronage, especially during the improvements. If you haven’t discovered this unique and improving area of Grimes, now would be a great time to visit. For as nice as the area will be upon completion, it’s always fun to have a before and after viewpoint of a redevelopment area, in order to really appreciate the changes.

When necessary, the people of Grimes pull together as a community to help one another out. This is one of those times for the businesses along Southeast Main Street. Please make the effort to discover and support the businesses in the area. You might just have a great experience in the process.

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