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Q: I have knee pain when I run. Can chiropractic help it?

Posted September 18, 2013 in Advice Column, Ankeny

A: Yes, you can definitely benefit from being under chiropractic care. Not only do chiropractors adjust the spine, but they adjust extremities as well. With knee pain, there may be a few different causative factors regarding your knee pain.

First off, your knee joint will be examined. The bones (tibia, fibula, femur and patella) need to be checked and in proper alignment. Sprain-strain of the surrounding ligaments and muscles also needs to be ruled out.

It is important that your pelvis and hips are balanced. There are many different muscles that attach to your pelvis and insert around the knee. If there is a misalignment within your pelvis or hips, not only are the bones affected, but the muscles are now pulled in a different direction to compensate, thus affecting your knee. A balanced and symmetrical pelvis and hips take the pressure and pull off of your knee.

Your feet and ankles should also be examined as they absorb the shock from running. Walking and running should be a fluid motion within those joints. If there is an altered gait or a misalignment in the foot, running will no longer be a fluid motion and there will be an increase on the amount of force put on each knee. If not corrected, your knees will continue to compensate, and the pain can work its way up from your knees to your low back, as it is all connected.

Information provided by Nicole Olson, DC, CACCP, Olson Chiropractic Health Center, 1510 S.W. Oralabor Road, Suite B, Ankeny, 289-1015.

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