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Is getting a dog right for you?

Posted September 18, 2013 in Advice Column, Downtown

Choosing to bring a dog into your life is a huge decision. There are many things to contemplate before bringing a furry friend into your home. It is a long-term commitment that should never be taken lightly. Owning a dog can be a rewarding experience if the decision is right for you.

Does Fido fit your lifestyle? Individuals who get a dog are making a decision to alter their daily routine and schedule. The years of companionship, unconditional love and loyalty are worth the extra responsibilities for many people. However, owning a dog does not fit all lifestyles.

Do you have the time, money and space to provide for a K-9 companion? If the answer is yes, then you need to look at what breed of dog best fits your life. Always consider personality and other qualities before size and appearance. Think about your daily habits and schedule to determine what breed works best for you. Make sure to research thoroughly the breeds that interest you. Once you decide on the breed, spend lots of time with the potential new pooch before making your decision.

The most important question is “Can you commit to having this dog for life?” Too many times, people make a quick decision and are not ready for such an obligation. Sadly, the dog ends up abandoned or in a shelter. By preparing for dog ownership, you help ensure a long and happy life together.

Information provided by Carrie Bonnett, owner, Downtown Doggy Daycare, 724 Scott St., Des Moines, 288-0957.

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