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If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

Posted September 18, 2013 in Ankeny, Community Featured

First off, I apologize to two people about the title of this article. Both are sisters, just in different standing.

The first is the late Sister “Smith,” my first language arts teacher. The second, and dare I say more influential on me, is my sister Molly. To you both, I know the title should read “them” not “em.” You taught me well. Or maybe I should say, “Ya taught me good.”

How true the title phrase is, when you consider how it relates to being a part of your local Chamber of Commerce. You just can’t beat the Chamber. So join them. Join them, to help your business grow. Join them, to help you grow. Join them, to help guide the community in which you live and/or work. Join them, or us in this instance, to make connections with more than 775 members and their employees.

Being a member is easy. However, don’t be just a member, be an involved member. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the Ankeny Chamber for more than 10 years now. As I have progressed to the seat of president, I have witnessed the powerful way that the Ankeny Chamber has helped not only me in business, but so many of our current members and new members. The relationships that an involved member creates are truly priceless. I have watched time after time how people I have met through the Ankeny Chamber and other Chambers have visited my business for the first time because I met them through a networking event or committee involvement.

Did you know joining the Chamber provides trust and confidence to those thinking of doing business with you? A recent study completed by The Schapiro Group, based in Atlanta, shows the following results:
•    When consumers know a small business is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, they are 49 percent more likely to think favorably of it and 80 percent more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future.
•    If a company shows it is highly involved in its local Chamber, consumers are 10 percent more likely to think that its products stack up better against its competition.

It is all about trust. We tend to base most of our decisions on whom and what we trust. There are many reasons to join the Ankeny Chamber, and I ask you to trust me, and my own study of “data” compiled during 10 years, when I say to you, joining the Chamber is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I trust it will be for you as well. Oh, and you may just learn something to boot.

Congratulations Ankeny and Waukee — CNN’s Top 50 Best places to live — Ankeny No. 37.

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