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Happy little family

Posted September 18, 2013 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights

Remember when 72nd Street intersected University? John and Judy Drake recall vividly what it was like. There was more traffic in front of their home. There was no Hy-Vee in Windsor Heights yet.

John Drake, friend John Hayes, daughter Amy, Judy Drake and grandson Max enjoy sharing time together in their duplex.

John Drake, friend John Hayes, daughter Amy, Judy Drake and grandson Max enjoy sharing time together in their duplex.

The Drakes have lived in their duplex since 1995. Shortly after they moved in, both the Hy-Vee and the new dead-end street were big news in Windsor Heights. It was a change they welcomed. Less traffic meant a quieter street and an even more peaceful feel to their already-loved community.

The couple enjoys their neighbors who have been on 72nd Street just as long as they have. And they especially love their closest next door neighbors in the duplex beside them — their daughter, Amy, and her son, Max. When John and Judy were looking for a home they were looking for a duplex for all of them. When they found this 1962 duplex, they couldn’t have been happier.

“Windsor Heights is just so convenient to everything,” says Amy.

They, too, love the peacefulness of their home, near-by bike trails and the small-community feel. Even with the street changes, Amy and Max still ride their bikes to Hy-Vee.

The family doesn’t entertain too much. And when they do, it’s just a garage space away.

“We enjoy having dinner with each other,” says Amy.

They all help outside with landscaping. Lately, Amy has taken on planting and Max waters the impatiens. Throughout the years they have added a patio, brick walkway and fenced backyard with single car garage for storage. Max’s evergreen he planted years ago is now close to six feet tall.

049In the front, they’ve added a three-season porch, resided the entire duplex and added a double driveway.

“More like a runway for a driveway,” laughs family friend John Hayes.

When not watering or renovating, the family enjoys what Windsor Heights has to offer. Their highlights include July 4th festivities and fireworks, the firemen’s pancake breakfast and “school-going” says Max.

Otherwise, as fall approaches, John and Judy will enjoy a warm walk across the garage to have dinner at Amy and Max’s. This proximity is what makes it so easy to be a happy little family whatever the season.

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