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Friendly neigbors

Posted September 18, 2013 in Ankeny, Community Featured
Misty and Rich DeReus and their daughter, Agnes, enjoy the friendliness of their Ankeny neighborhood.

Misty and Rich DeReus and their daughter, Agnes, enjoy the friendliness of their Ankeny neighborhood.

To most of us, Ankeny is a large town that seems to get bigger and bigger by the day. But for Misty DeReus, Ankeny still has a small-town feel.

Hailing from Arizona, Misty moved here in 2004. She was raised in Phoenix but had family members in the Des Moines area and was able to visit often. She loved the landscape and seasons and eventually decided to make Iowa her permanent home.

Misty met her husband, Rich, shortly after she moved to Ankeny. In November of 2009, they bought their first home in northwest Ankeny in the Trestle Point neighborhood. The home was brand new, which was one of the reasons they chose it and the area. The DeReuses liked that the area was a new development.

“It’s nice to have open fields around us,” Misty says. “I spent the first three years watching farmers tend to their crops. This year I have watched them make a neighborhood right out of my own back door. Being a ‘big city girl’ where everything is already developed, it is so exciting to see firsthand how farmland becomes a neighborhood.”

Rich and Misty enjoy their neighborhood and say it’s extremely social. They had originally lived in an apartment

DeReus house“I have found it amazing that before owning a home we always shared walls with our neighbors, and yet never really talked with them,” Misty says. “Now we have become really good friends with many of our neighbors even without the close proximity of apartments.”

Rich is the manager at Ankeny Hardware, and Misty is a stay-at-home mom to their 20-month-old daughter, Agnes. They also have two dogs, Cooper and Chloe.  The DeReuses enjoy spending time in their backyard where they’ve recently added a patio and a swing set for Agnes. Their home has an open floor plan, which Misty loves.  She likes that they can all do their own thing, yet feel like they’re still together. The home also features plentiful windows which provide an abundance of natural light — great for those days Misty is missing the Arizona sun.

Rich and Misty love the friendliness of the community and are happy to call Ankeny home.

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