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Brownstones on Grand

Posted September 18, 2013 in Community Featured, Downtown

Alex Miller holds an ice cold beverage and smiles as he looks out at downtown Des Moines from his rooftop patio. When Miller was looking for someplace to live, downtown wasn’t the obvious choice for him. But when he visited the Brownstones on Grand, he fell in love.

Alex Miller keeps cool on his rooftop with a giant umbrella he recently installed.

Alex Miller keeps cool on his rooftop with a giant umbrella he recently installed.

Miller grew up on a three-acre, wooded lot, so he didn’t initially envision himself living in the middle of the city.

“I was looking in the Beaverdale area and the Ingersoll area,” he says. “But when I walked into these, I was sold right away.”

Miller was blown away by how spacious the townhouse was, and he really loved the idea of having a two-car garage in a downtown setting. The walk-in closets, granite countertops and nice, new “everything” was icing on the cake. He was also surprised by how quiet it was inside.

Miller recently celebrated his two-year anniversary of when he moved in, and despite his more rural upbringing, he still loves the location.

“All the events down here are just a short walk away. My friends can just text me and come over before they go out. I just have an open invite for them. I love doing it,” he says.

Miller’s favorite part of his downtown home is the rooftop.

Miller’s townhouse has a sharp, minimalist look.

Miller’s townhouse has a sharp, minimalist look.

“It’s a really good spot to host friends before dinner or after you go out downtown,” he says.

What are Miller’s plans for the future? He says he loves living downtown, and he can see himself staying put for a long time.

“All the neighbors around here are really nice,” he says. “There’s  a nice mix of people. There’s all the way from 20-somethings to empty-nesters, to retired people, to families with kids. It’s a nice, diverse mix.”

Miller’s gaze meanders around the idyllic brownstone community below him.

Hickory smoke rolls out of a neighbor’s shiny Weber grill and fills the air with the pleasant smell of succulent barbecue. A golden retriever lopes alongside its owner.

The noises from the hustle and bustle of the city seem to blend together and ensconce Miller’s rooftop patio in a comforting, almost calming hum.

It’s a scorching hot afternoon, and the sun beats down all around him. Not to worry — Miller recently installed a giant umbrella on the rooftop. He truly has it made in the shade.

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