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Bikes, tykes and a trellis

Posted September 18, 2013 in Ankeny, Community Featured

When you have young children, like Becky and Jeremy Mitchell do, the garage is no longer yours.

Essentially it becomes an extension of the children’s playroom that also happens to be a convenient place to park cars.  The Mitchells have two young daughters — Alexis, 4, and Addison, 1 —whose toys have all but overtaken the family’s large garage.

Of all the toys in the garage Alexis’ favorite item by far is her sparkly pink Barbie bike.

“I just got it a few weeks ago” she exclaims.

“No, you got it for Easter,” Becky gently corrects her with a smile.

Alexis Mitchell rides her pink Barbie bicycle in her parents’ garage.

Alexis Mitchell rides her pink Barbie bicycle in her parents’ garage.

A glorious bike it is, one that any little girl would be jealous of.  White tires and dangly sparkles that hang from the handlebars accent the already attention-grabbing hot pink bike nicely. Then between the handlebars there’s a carriage that holds Alexis’ dolls while she rides.  Throw in the baby blue training wheels, Dora the

Little sister Addison is happy to trail behind in a bike/stroller that her dad pushes her in.  Addison beams at Alexis while she rides circles around everyone, chattering non-stop about everything from school to her favorite Diary Queen blizzard flavors.

Although the garage may be overrun with the girls’ things, there is one important item of Becky and Jeremy’s resting unassumingly against a wall. At first glance it looks like an unfinished wood project, but it’s actually the disassembled trellis that the couple was married under back in October of 2005. This isn’t just any trellis, either; Jeremy built it himself. While he isn’t normally the crafty type, it was a special project that was the centerpiece of the couple’s outdoor wedding at Water Works Park in Des Moines.

“It was beautiful,” Becky reminisces.

Having moved to the house recently the trellis has been staying in the garage, but the couple has plans to fix it up and put in a garden in their backyard.  Here is where the trellis will remain as a constant reminder of that beautiful day back in October.

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