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Alabaster Ministry

Posted September 18, 2013 in Community Featured, Winterset
Kurt Anderson stands on a base in Guam, which is one of the locations where he has served Youth for Christ Ministry.

Kurt Anderson stands on a base in Guam, which is one of the locations where he has served Youth for Christ Ministry.

Churches are famed for the support they provide to their surrounding communities. But even these giving religious organizations sometimes need outside help in order to financially serve their unique callings. Realizing this, women from the Winterset community banded together to form the Alabaster Ministry.

This non-profit ministry of Jesus Christ began in 2008 and has since continued to represent the churches of Winterset. It has sought to assist each church in its respective hometown, national and even international missions.

“The body of Christ is just so much bigger than the local church,” explains ministry Chair Ginnie Decker.

The desire to share its love for Jesus is what inspired the ministry to begin holding charitable functions such as luncheons, suppers, retirement home visits and Christmas bazaars. Its next philanthropic affair will be a fundraising event to support individuals on missions serving God. It’s scheduled for Oct. 26. Tickets are $25 per person with an additional option to sponsor an entire table. Admission includes an Italian meal, complete with various pastas, salads, lasagna and sides. Families will be able to meet and greet with others from different congregations and participate in a silent auction.

Although it is a social occasion, the main event of the evening will be the presentation of a few five- to 10-minute videos which will update church-goers on the progress of those who currently reside in other countries in hopes to spread the gospel.

“It’s a way to know what the Lord is up to in that part of the world,” explains Decker.

Among those who may be featured are Kurt and Cindy Anderson, who have been residing in Germany, and Tim and Angela Cole, who are living on an American military base in Japan. Both couples are serving with Youth for Christ Military. The Andersons and Coles assist the young adults who live on base with finding comfort in the good word along with a sense of stability, which can be elusive for children in a roving military family. According to Decker, such programs offer an “outlet that these kids wouldn’t have elsewhere and an opportunity to have a relationship with Jesus.”

Those who wish to help or would like more information about the Alabaster Ministry and its upcoming events are encouraged to contact Ginnie Decker at (515) 468-0213.

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