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1932 Ford

Posted September 18, 2013 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights
Jerry Holub is proud of his customized 1932 Ford.

Jerry Holub is proud of his customized 1932 Ford.

Jerry Holub’s 1932 Ford was a labor of love, built from the ground up with exclusively after-market parts assembled from around the country. However, it retains the same style and spirit of its hot rodding ancestors.

“It’s just so much fun,” Holub says. “I could have a Porsche for the same price, but these cars are the iconic American hot rod.”

Though Holub says he enjoys brainstorming ideas for his cars, he admits he didn’t have the technical skills necessary to make his dream auto a reality. That’s why, after he’d purchased the all-steel body of the ’32 Ford from a dealer in Tennessee and the frame from a restoration expert in Pleasant Hill, he decided to bring in a pair of experts. Scott Schneckloth of Snik’s Rod and Custom in Manly, helped build and shape the body of the car, while Joel Mattis, a car interior specialist based near Waterloo, helped him craft the car’s passenger experience.

Built during the course of 13 months, the ’32 Ford features a sturdy steel body instead of fiberglass, a specialty steering column made with the rod from a sprint car and a driver’s seat made of wood that was custom built for Holub. The 14-gallon fuel tank, located in the trunk of the car, is made from spun aluminum and features a hand-painted illustration of the famous Von Dutch eyeball logo. The exterior of the car is painted in a color called “Big Money Green,” and the accent color used for the car’s interior is a stock Ferrari color called “champagne.” Indeed, everything from the contours of the car’s body to the cut of the trunk was done on a custom basis for Jerry, who has won many awards for his car, including a Best in Class award at the Goodguys show in Des Moines two years ago. Though he hopes to one day take his car to the National Roadster Show in Los Angeles, Holub is happy just to drive it around town and take it to local car shows (he affectionately calls it his “barhopping” vehicle).

“Cars like this one aren’t necessarily good investments, but that’s not why you do it,” he says. “I know everybody says their child is the best child, but there aren’t too many cars out there like this one. I’m proud of what I got.”

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