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The good life

Posted September 11, 2013 in Advice Column, West Des Moines

Real world. Two words that will make any college student stop and take a deep breath. Here are another two words that should make you do the same thing: life insurance.

Whoa. Slow down. That’s for people who listen to ’50s music, not 50 Cent. Right? Wrong.

There are many reasons to have life insurance. Dying is not something you like to think about, but it is a fact we all must face. No matter what your major is, death is the final exam we all have to take. And like any other exam, a lot depends on how prepared you are.

Let’s say you were no longer alive. What kind of debt do you currently have? Add together student loans, credit cards, car loans and any other debts you have. Who would pay for those things? They don’t just vanish like your roommate when the phone bill comes. Your family members might be stuck with the check. That’s on top of grieving over you.

You are probably fairly young and, for the most part, healthy. Purchasing a life insurance policy now is the best time because rates are pretty inexpensive. The older you get, the more expensive life insurance gets because you are more likely to die.

Just how much does life insurance cost? It depends on several factors, such as your medical history and whether you are a smoker, but it can be as cheap as the price of a pizza every month.

But what is life insurance? The basic ones are term and whole life. Term insurance is just that — it lasts for a certain term. If you die during the term (let’s say 20 years), whoever you named as a beneficiary would receive the money. After those 20 years the life insurance is gone, unless it is converted to a whole life policy.

Whole life insurance you can potentially keep your whole life. Premiums are more expensive because your chances of dying are hovering right around 100 percent.

If you have more questions about life insurance, give me a call at (515) 223-7182 or send an email message to

Oh. And welcome to the real world.

Policies issued by COUNTRY Life Insurance Company, COUNTRY Investors Life Assurance Company, Bloomington, Ill.

Information provided by Philip West, Country Financial, 650 S. Prairie View Drive, Suite 200, West Des Moines, 515-223-7182

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