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Summer recap

Posted September 11, 2013 in Community Blogs, Grimes

What a GREAT summer!  During the summer we are made up of children reading their hearts out participating in the Summer Reading Program.  This years theme was: Children’s: Dig Into Reading — Teen: Beneath the Surface — Adult: Groundbreaking Reads.

We had quite a bit of fun with these themes and some exciting adventures.

Kelly, our Tween Librarian, scheduled a program about Fossils.  She was going to bury the little items that volunteers had helped her encase in plastic, so the participants could smash them, like a geode, and find the surprise in the center.  Planning on using the Waterworks Park sand volleyball area, was she surprised on her first dig to bury the plaster geodes when a bright yellow HUGE Cicada Killer Wasp started flying around.  There ended up being a whole colony there due to the lack of rain.

However, Kelly is very good at figuring things out (She is a Science Teacher!) and was able to move the program (not as much fun as digging in the sand), but they got to dig in pea gravel and find the ‘fossils’.

That was quite a day for her.

We also had a live hawk visit, a live snake (and more animals from the Zoo) visit, had the greatest Teddy Bear Sleepover, the awesome “Jester Puppets” group, Blank Park Zoo, the Conservation Station, worm races and the City of Grimes workers were able to bring over some equipment they use and the kids actually got to climb in them and have their picture taken!  OH and movies with popcorn every Monday!

What a great summer and HATS OFF to our Children’s Librarians Janet Rice and Kelly Gisch.

The 2014 Summer Theme’s are:  Children: Fizz, Boom, Read! — Teens: Spark a Reaction! — Adults: Literary Elements.  I think you will be surprised at what Janet and Kelly will come up with!!!  Don’t forget to keep reading, and bring your homework to the library after school to get assistance in research, or anything else you might need, or just a great place to study with your friends…quietly.   🙂

Hope to see you all soon!

Another little tidbit about the library, we will be switching our Integrated Library System (ILS, which is the program we use to basically check items out and the program that you use to look up titles) from Follett to a software called Polaris , in November.  We will have a few changes coming up, but we guarantee, after the change, you will LOVE the new software.  It enables us to text you reminders and notices of holds becoming available, you will be able to see more on your account, and on our side of the program, it is much more user friendly to public libraries.

You will not have to have the exact spelling or word of the title, it will ‘guess’ for you and give you a range of titles you might be trying to find.  We all have our moments when we cannot remember the exact wording of the title!!! It also has capabilities to provide direct access to Ebooks, online databases, Community Profiles and more.

Other Metro Libraries have this software and our eventual goal is to provide a service where you will be able to view databases from each library with one request.  So, if we do not have an item you want, or need quickly, eventually, it will tell you which library might have it.  Now this will take awhile, lots of meetings to go and technology to work out before that will happen, but this is a first step towards sharing information of our items!  We may be able to ‘talk’ to Johnston (they are now in the process of migrating to the Polaris System), Ankeny, Altoona, and Clive.  Just so you know, you can also get a card at ANY library in Iowa that participates in Open Access (which is about every one of them) and enjoy their titles!

Remember to check out our web page for events, updates or simply to check your account, at ; and visit our Facebook Page and become our friend at: .

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