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Car is Lively’s creative outlet

Posted September 11, 2013 in Community Featured, Des Moines West
Kaleena Lively’s car is littered with pop cans, shoes, fishing gear and other items.

Kaleena Lively’s car is littered with pop cans, shoes, fishing gear and other items.

For many people, a “creative outlet” consists of an art studio, a Pinterest account or even a glue gun. But for Kaleena Lively, her car is the place she chooses to go to “let loose.”

“My car is an absolute disaster,” Lively admits. “I have found receipts from more than a year ago crumpled on the floor. I would bet my winter coat is still in there as well.”

Lively has a staunch rule about simplifying her and boyfriend, Rob’s, apartment together.

“I hate clutter and can’t handle it in the house. I am constantly nagging Rob to de-clutter the closets, counters and tables. Anything that doesn’t fit in the closet basically goes in my car,” Lively explains.

The black floor mats of her black 2012 Chrysler 200 are barely visible under her stash of empty Diet Mountain Dew bottles and cans, her tackle box and a couple of fishing poles, shoes, clothes, a baseball glove and a wakeboard.

“It’s all garbage,” laughs Lively. “I hate when people litter, so I make sure my car is where my trash goes and not out of my window,” Lively adds. “Rob hates it, and so does anyone who sits in the passenger seat of my car. They get so mad because their feet hardly even touch the floor.”

Lively also works at a local paint store, so it’s no surprise that binders and fan decks of paint colors can be found littered around the vehicle.

“I always feel like a lot of my job shapes my car. Paint is messy, so I guess it makes a lot of sense,” she says.

For now, Lively’s car will remain the source of clutter within their garage, and she doesn’t see that changing any time soon.

“It’s my creative outlet; I can’t be messy anywhere else except for my car,” she says. “People door-ding the crap out of my car and even though it’s only about two years old, it’s already been in an accident. She coyly admits that she “may have rear-ended someone.”

“My house is spotless but my car is clearly another story,” Lively says.

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