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2013 ACT Scores

Posted September 10, 2013 in Adel, Community Blogs

We have recently received our 2013 ACT scores and are very happy to report a composite of 23.9!! This score is tied with our 2011 graduates as the all-time high composite score for ADM students.

Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 8.33.47 AM

As you can see from the chart, our most recent five year trend is extremely positive. Not only have our scores went up recently, we are continuing to significantly outscore Iowa graduates in general. This is impressive to us as Iowa is #2 in the nation in ACT composite, behind only Minnesota. And as reported in the August 29th edition of the Dallas County News, ADM had the highest composite of any district in Dallas County. 

Our consistently high scores compare very, very well with other high performing school districts in the Des Moines area and we use our scores as one important barometer of our success. A strong K-12 system with high-quality teachers, high expectations for student work, solid curriculum changes, and new programs in the STEM area are all factors in our improvement.

For several years we have been requiring all 10th grade students to take the ACT PLAN test. The PLAN allows students to practice an ACT-like test and get predictive data on where they would score on the ACT if they took the test now. It also provides information and suggestions on how to improve the student’s score.

The ACT is still the most widely (by far) college entrance exam used in the Midwest. It is exciting to know our ADM students are doing so well!

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