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They may be easy on your wallet, but…

Posted September 09, 2013 in Community Blogs, Clive

With tailgating about to be in full swing, think about those disposable plastic cups you may be drinking out of. The cup’s chemical bond is responsible for making the product durable, but it also makes it resistant to decomposing. Overtime, the cup breaks into smaller pieces and releases toxic chemicals into the environment and becomes more likely to get ingested by animals.

Toby Keith’s song, Red Solo Cup, is humorous and light hearted; however, the tone contradicts the impact the cups have on our environment. Expert opinions vary on how long it takes a plastic cup to breakdown, but they all agree it greatly exceeds 14 years – it’s more like 450 years!

Here are some tips to avoid overuse:
– Use reusable cups and water bottles whenever possible
– If you must use a disposable product, choose one that can be recycled
– When you’re at a party with disposable cups, write your name on it and keep track of it to reuse, rather than getting a new one

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