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New Things at Fuller Hall

Posted September 05, 2013 in Community Blogs

This fall we have a lot of new things happening at Fuller Hall.  One of them is the introduction of Leah Feltz as both a fitness class instructor, personal trainer, and coordinator of child care at Fuller Hall while adults exercise.  Listed below is more information.  Have a great week.

Childcare @ Fuller Hall

What: Childcare for infants through school age. Snacks, games, and fun with friends.

When/Where: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm in the gym @Fuller Hall. (Pick up NO LATER than 6:30pm)

Why: If Leah Feltz Fitness classes aren’t for you…that’s okay! We’d still love to help watch your kids so you can complete YOUR workout.

How Much: For LFF Fitness card holders: $30/10 punches
Non LFF Fitness card holders: $40/10punches

(1 child= 1 punch, 2kids=1 ½ punches, 3kids=2 punches, 4 or more kids=3 punches)

Personal Training

Are you looking for personalized fitness help? I would love to meet with you and help design a workout routine catered to your needs.

Fees: $20 per Session or $150 for 8 Sessions

For more information or to set up a consultation please use the “Connect” link on the Leah Feltz Fitness website or send a message on the Leah Feltz Fitness Facebook page.

“You can be sore tomorrow or sorry tomorrow. You choose.”

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