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Q: What is the cause of pain in my backside that continues down my leg?

Posted September 04, 2013 in Advice Column, Urbandale

A: Sciatic pain is that annoying pain that travels through your backside and down your leg. In order for the pain to be diagnosed as sciatica, the pain has to cross the knee, but either way sciatic pain comes from mechanical pressure on the sciatic nerve.

The nerve exits the lumbar spine, and a number of different things can apply the unwanted pressure on the nerve including a bulged/ herniated disc, scar tissue near the spine, tight muscles in the gluteal region and more. Medical professionals, including chiropractors, will run a series of tests to determine the cause and severity of the compression.

Chiropractic care involving adjustments, and the lumbar flexion distraction technique have proven very successful in alleviating sciatic pain. The lumbar flexion-distraction technique places the patient in a prone position and gently flexes him or her at the waist while the chiropractor gently distracts the vertebra above the affected area. This  helps to hydrate the disc while the pressure is taken off and opens joint spaces in order to decrease pressure on the nerve root.

If you have further questions pertaining to sciatica or other concerns, please call our office Monday through Friday for a free consultation.

Information provided by Dr. Greg Pray, DC, owner, Mid Iowa Chiropractic, 8088 Douglas Ave., Urbandale, 515-344-1143.

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