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Q: Is the information with my prescription important to read?

Posted September 04, 2013 in Adel, Advice Column

A: If you have ever had a prescription filled, you are aware that it comes with a leaflet of information about the medication you were prescribed. Oftentimes there might be several pages of information.

The FDA requires a medication guide to be given for certain medications that meet one of these three criteria: the drug is one for which patient labeling could help prevent serious adverse effects, the drug has serious risks(s) of which patients should be made aware because information concerning the risks could affect patients’ decision to use, or continue to use, the product and finally, the drug is important to health and patient adherence to directions for use is crucial to the drug’s effectiveness. People who read the pamphlets could better recognize a negative side effect of the medication they were taking, and then report it to a health professional.

Information about medications is provided to patients in part to help them avoid adverse drug reactions. Adverse drug reactions sometimes occur when a medicine has a harmful effect on the patient even at a normal dose. Patients should be encouraged to read the leaflets that come with their medicine. If you are more aware about the risks of a medication you are taking, you will be more likely to become aware of any side effects. Never hesitate to call your local pharmacist to discuss your medications and any adverse effects you feel you might be experiencing.

Information provided by Jane Clausen, Adel Health Mart, 113 N. Ninth St., 993-3644.

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