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Q: How do I keep my feet and body healthy?

Posted September 04, 2013 in Advice Column, Johnston

A: Have you ever heard not to spend a lot of money on shoes for a rapidly-growing child? The growing years are an essential time to put your kids in quality, supportive shoes or arch supports. Athletics and play demand a lot from our feet. The structural health of the feet affects the structure of the whole body (the foot bone’s connected to the leg bone…). Often we don’t notice the change until our children sprain their ankles, have knee or back pains or develop plantar fasciitis. Be preventative to avoid injuries and costly treatment later in life.
• Chose good footwear early at 18 months and beyond, when they are running and climbing
• For fashionable trends, teen’s shoes, chose arch inserts that are supportive to all four arches yet have flexibility like Birkenstock inserts or custom orthotics.
• Avoid being barefoot in the house, wearing slip-on shoes such as flip flops or wearing shoes untied.
• When selecting shoes chose one with a better quality foot bed.
• Allow the foot to use the muscles of the foot on safe, uneven surfaces such as sand, river rock and grass.

Information provided by Dr. Juliet O’Donnell, DC, Heartland Chiropractic and Wellness Center, 5521 N.W. 86th St., Johnston, 252-8668.

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