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Cadillac Eldorado

Posted September 04, 2013 in Community Featured, Clear Lake

Blame it on The Boss. Blame it on Bruce.

Back when Bruce Springsteen was singing about a “Pink Cadillac” in the 1980s, Darlene Sherwood decided she had to have one of her own. While it wasn’t pink back then, and it’s still not pink today, it must surely make her feel “out of sight on a Saturday night.”

Darlene Sherwood with her 1950 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz.

Darlene Sherwood with her 1950 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz.

In fact, it wasn’t much to look at all when Sherwood became the third owner of this 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz in 1989.

“When I bought it, it had like four different size tires on it; the charcoal gray paint was wearing off and so part of it was the original lime green was showing through. It looked like a Sherman tank,” she recalls.

Sherwood detailed the car’s history and learned the original owners bought it in Chicago. Not caring for the original lime green, they painted it charcoal gray, which had also been one of the original colors for Cadillac Biarritzs that year.

Encouraged by her daughter to get a Cadillac, Sherwood purchased the car from some friends in Wisconsin.

“My daughter said, ‘Mom, I think you should buy a Cadillac, and I want it to be a convertible, and I want to paint it pink just like that pink Cadillac song.’ ” Sherwood recalls.

While she thought owning a Cadillac was a great idea, for Sherwood nothing but red would do for a car like this.

“I painted it Porsche Red, so it’s very red and it’s very pretty. It’s my favorite car color. I just got a different car and, of course, I had to have a red one again,” she says.

Sherwood drives the Cadillac only in the summer. At 56 years old, the Cadillac has only 54,000 miles on it and still has a very smooth ride.

“It kind of floats,” she says. “It’s very comfortable to drive.”

And, like any car with a personality of its own, Sherwood decided to give it a name. Reflecting the 1950s era, and the classic beauty of this automobile, the choice of a name was easy for her.

“With a body like this I had to name it Marilyn,” she says.

The two-door Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz remains one of the most collectible cars around. But don’t expect it to leave the family any time soon.

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