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Tips when renting a self-storage unit

Posted August 21, 2013 in Advice Column

You’ve bought a new house, you’re moving your child to college or you just need some extra space to keep your belongings for a period of time.  Sometimes renting a storage unit is the only way to keep your possessions safe and secure when you can’t store them in your residence.

Before you rent that space, though, take time to confirm with your insurance company that you home, condo or renters insurance policy will cover your property during its stay in a storage unit.  Also check to make sure there aren’t any special conditions or restrictions that apply in your particular case.

Upon renting, you’ll want to create a detailed inventory of everything you plan to keep in the storage facility.

Self-storage tips
Here are a few suggestions to make your storage experience easy and worry-free, according to
• Use same-size boxes when possible. The consistency in size will make stacking easier and more stable.
• Clean items such as clothing, blankets, drapery or furniture before packing to prevent germs and dirt from being transported to a new location.
• Place valuable items (televisions, gaming systems, computers, etc.) behind other items so they are not visible.
• Consider the climate of the storage facility. Will it produce extreme heat or cold? Prepare your items accordingly.
• Anything on the ground should be wrapped in plastic in the event moisture would accumulate.
• Know what you can and cannot keep in a storage unit. Different companies have different restrictions.

Information provided by Rebecca Evers, agent, American Family Insurance, 209 E. State St., Centerville, 437-4143.

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