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Posted August 21, 2013 in Community Featured, Waukee
Westview Church will celebrate its 20th year in Waukee next month.

Westview Church will celebrate its 20th year in Waukee next month.

A milestone can literally be defined as a stone set up beside a road to mark the distance in miles to a particular place. This marker provides reassurance to travelers that they are following the correct course.

A milestone in life can also provide a significant feeling of accomplishment that often warrants a celebration. For Westview Church, a milestone of 20 years as an establishment of worship calls for just that.

Westview Church members will host a night of recognition honoring their house of worship on Sept. 7 — an event of fellowship and memories for the church’s 20th anniversary.

“Basically we want to have a night together in which we can celebrate God’s faithfulness in the 20 years that Westview has been a part of this area doing ministry,” says Josh Van Leeuwen, lead pastor. “What we want to do as well, is think about and look forward to the next 20 years of ministry and trust beyond to what God is going to continue to do through this place.”

The event will feature a church-prepared meal, a musical concert and worship time.

“God has been doing some cool things through (Westview Church) — Waukee Christian Services, the Waukee Church Preschool and being involved in local projects,” Van Leeuwen says.

Van Leeuwen, who came to the church six months ago as the new lead pastor, says he knows Westview and Waukee are where his family is meant to be.

“(This celebration) is a great way for me to, I think, to get to know Westview even better, and as the new person coming in, I can say, ‘Yes indeed, God has been at work. (Westview) has been doing great things for these 20 years,’ ” Van Leeuwen says. “For me to celebrate that with the people of Westview and just to have an opportunity to learn (is great).”

Van Leeuwen says the final details of the celebration are still in the planning process, but anyone from the community is welcome to attend.

“I think the biggest thing for me is, it’s always good to celebrate milestones,” Van Leeuwen says. “I think it’s good just to say, ‘20 years! That’s great! Now on to the next 20 years and beyond.’ ”

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