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Honeymoon wheels

Posted August 21, 2013 in Community Featured
Kathy and Ron Terrell with their 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria.

Kathy and Ron Terrell with their 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria.

Ron and Kathy Terrell’s 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria has special significance since it is just like the car they took on their honeymoon 50 years ago.

The two celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in April and enjoy riding in the car and reminiscing.

“I say to her, ‘You know what? When we were 16, we were riding around just like this. Ain’t that something?’ ” Ron says.

Ron bought the car that reminded him of their early years together near Leon. He paid $500 for the Ford, which was painted pink and white. He repainted it fiesta red and colonial white, the same colors as the car they used to own.

“He brought it home from a junkyard and I wondered, ‘How is he going to make this look great?’ ” Kathy says.

Ron was working at a factory and doing some work out of his garage, so it took a long time to complete the restoration. Eighteen years and approximately $30,000 later, Ron succeeded, with a lot of help from their son, Jamie Terrell.

“It was hard to find the parts and money, so we had to do it a little at a time,” Ron says.

Ron went through 10 other cars to get enough parts for the restoration. He finished in about 1997, though, as he notes, “finished” might not be the right word because he keeps working on it and adding to it.

The 1956 Fairlane is not the only car Ron has restored. All four cars he has restored were from 1956, in honor of the car they had when they were dating.

Ron says he is interested in restoring a 1956 Ford convertible next, if he can find one for a reasonable price.

Ron says he enjoys taking the Fairlane to every car show that comes along.

Kathy says she enjoys the car shows, too.

“We make new friends, and we just enjoy everything about being with people and seeing other cars in other towns,” Kathy says.

They take the car for a lot of cruises in the summer.

“I feel 20 years younger when I get in it, so that’s a good thing,” Ron says.

For the cruises, the car has a few modern amenities: air conditioning and a CD player.

“We think of the good old days with Elvis and the Beatles when we ride in it,” Kathy says.

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