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Posted August 21, 2013 in Community Featured, Boone
More than 60,000 fans are expected to pass through the gates for the Super Nationals in September.

More than 60,000 fans are expected to pass through the gates for the Super Nationals in September.

We’re taking a break from looking inside one garage, and at just one vehicle, this month to gear up for the chance to talk cars, talk garages and talk racing at its finest when the Super Nationals return to the Boone Speedway next month.

For decades now, the rumble and the roar of the engines at the IMCA Super Nationals have flooded the city with racers, fans and families from across the nation. An estimated 60,000 to 65,000 fans are expected take part in the event that runs from Monday, Sept. 2, through Saturday, Sept. 7.

Getting people together with a common interest is what promoter Robert Lawton credits for the long-term success of the Super Nationals. For many, it’s a family vacation and a chance to reconnect with friends far and near.

“One of the major selling points of the Super Nationals is that people come from all over the country, and they get to be friends with whoever they’re sitting next to, and they come back year after year to sit by the same people,” he says.

While the folks on the track  may not be the big name drivers of Daytona or Indianapolis, they are racers who have a real passion for the sport and will do just about anything to keep on racing.

“This is really grassroots racing. These are the people who have a job and  support their race car through their job, which is almost unheard of in the world of racing,” Lawton adds.

While some fans come for a day, others come for the week and make it a true vacation. Hot laps start each day at 2 p.m., followed by official racing action at 3 p.m. Whatever day you choose, expect a good time, he says.

“Every day is a long day. And if you miss one race, there’s going to be another one right behind it that’s just as good,” Lawton notes.

Just as the fans come from all over, so, too. do the more than 800 drivers who flock from just about every corner of North America.

“We had drivers from California, Arizona, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, Missouri. We have a state flag presentation and there were about 17 states represented, and Canada,” he says.

Newcomers are welcome to come out and see what the fun is all about.

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