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It’s all in the shoes

Posted August 14, 2013 in Ankeny, Community Featured

Margo Bosch’s garage is really more of a closet. Specifically a shoe closet — all of Bosch’s 100-plus shoes are stored here.

“It’s because I’ve always been shoes off, no shoes in the house,” she explains.

Margo Bosch has her summer shoes all ready to go in her garage.

Margo Bosch has her summer shoes all ready to go in her garage.

She estimates she’s had a shoe fetish for about 13 years, and it’s only gotten worse over time.  Most shopping trips she goes on she ends up with a new pair. Even if she doesn’t set out looking for them, inevitably a cute pair will catch her eye, and she’ll end up taking them home to add to her collection. Many of these buys are the result of an irresistible sale price at one of her favorite shoe haunts like DSW or Banana Republic. While she’s a fan of a pair at a great price, thrift shopping isn’t for her.

“I wouldn’t wear someone else’s shoes,” she says.

It seems she does not want those moccasins that someone else has been walking in.

Amazingly she does not have a favorite pair or brand, but some do get more use than others. The ones she wears the most are lined up against a wall while the others are in storage boxes against another wall. The season also dictates which shoes get more action. In these sweltering summer months, Bosch wears a lot of flip-flops and funky colored heels.

Swing by her garage in the winter months and there are a lot more boots in the rotation, even Ugg boots. Many top fashion magazines see Uggs as one of the more serious fashion crimes, but obviously these snooty editors have never experienced a Midwest winter.

“I don’t feel they’re ugly; they’re a good winter go-to for an Iowa winter,” Bosch says in the shoe’s defense.

Bosch’s shoe obsession is well known, too.

“People watch my shoes a lot,” she confesses.

Co-workers and friends are eager to see what fabulous pair she’ll stroll into the room wearing. She’s a regular Carrie Bradshaw. While admirers have made the comparison before, Bosch doesn’t watch “Sex and the City.” The show’s famed heroin, Bradshaw, has a shoe obsession so severe she almost became homeless because of it. Bosch’s love of shoes isn’t threatening to make her homeless anytime soon.  Quite the contrary, as her shoes have a charming home in the garage.

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