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Q: Is it OK to be overweight if my bloodwork is fine?

Posted August 07, 2013 in Advice Column, Des Moines West

A: While some people have favorable genetics and their youth, working for them, over time even a little excess weight, especially around the middle, creates inflammation which can lead to various chronic diseases. In short, as we age, our ability to compensate for this inflammatory load and the oxidative stress it causes can decrease. Also, when we look closely, many of us find we are not quite as healthy as we thought we were.

Take a free self-assessment health quiz at In addition to weight and blood work, it looks at genetics, social factors, stress, sleep and many other aspects of health, some we don’t often think about as being all that important to our overall health. With that said, and although there are many factors to being healthy, it simply isn’t possible to be optimally healthy and still carry extra weight. In fact, while you’re taking the health quiz, you’ll find out your “BMI” or “Body Mass Index,” a ratio of height to weight. To be at no increased risk of disease from your weight, your BMI should be less than 25. And, while there are lots of gimmicks and “quick fixes” out there, your most precious resource — your health — is finally a result of the hundreds of choices you make every day. For more information on creating a path to health for yourself, one step at a time, check out

Information from, provided by Dr. Cheryl Child, D.O., Certified Health Coach with Take Shape for Life.

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