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Churches prepare for school year

Posted August 07, 2013 in Community Featured, Norwalk
Crossroads Church and Norwalk United Methodist Church are filling backpacks with school supplies to help local students.

Crossroads Church and Norwalk United Methodist Church are filling backpacks with school supplies to help local students.

Journey Sunday school will begin for children ages 3 years through fifth grade on Sept. 8 at New Life Lutheran Church.

The Sunday school program will continue throughout the school year until May 19 and focus teachings on the New Testament.

For more information about Journey Sunday school registration as well as upcoming church events, contact the church office at 515-285-5965 or stop by for a visit at 4380 Wakonda Drive. Covenant registration sheets are also located in the church office, and Carrie Nimrod, the Children and Family Ministry Coordinator is also available for registration questions.

New community groups are forming in August at Crossroads Church. Starting Aug. 18 (through Sept. 15, when they launch) everyone will have a chance to sign up for a community group. These are small groups of folks gathering for the purpose of sharing their lives and learning together. The first 10-week semester of community group classes will be available for review on Aug. 18.  If you have an idea for a group or would like to lead one, contact Pastor Glen.

Crossroads Church is also holding a backpack ministry. Backpacks are now available to take home and fill with supplies  Each year, the church partners with Lakewood Elementary to collect school supplies for children in need. This year’s challenge is to collect 200 packages of Crayola colored pencils and 200 large pink erasers.

Norwalk United Methodist Church is also filling backpacks for fifth grade students through July 11. The supply list is eight pocket folders, seven spiral notebooks (wide lines), two packages  of wooden No. 2 pencils, two red checking pens, two boxes tissues, two dry-erase board markers (Expo or similar), one set ear buds, one big pink eraser, one pair of tennis shoes to stay at school (non-marking shoes, size 3, 4, 5, 6) boys and girls and one backpack. The church is also requesting 200 yellow highlighters and 100 boxes of colored pencils.

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