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In a spin

Posted July 31, 2013 in Community Featured, Urbandale
Jordan Grantham keeps his Mazda Miata stocked with hula hoops and golf gear for his job as a golf ambassador.

Jordan Grantham keeps his Mazda Miata stocked with hula hoops and golf gear for his job as a golf ambassador.

With exactly 10 hula-hoops in his garage, one would think that Jordan Grantham is some kind of hula hoop happy hippie hopped up on hashish, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Grantham doesn’t use the hula hoops for twirling at all; they’re actually for his work as a golf ambassador. His job is to go to golf charity events and get people to donate money. He also gets them pumped up with fun games and giveaways — that’s where the hula hoops come in handy.

“I go to a hole, like a par 5, and I place them in the fairway; then if their ball lands in the hoop they win an Aurelius driver,” Grantham explains.

His job with Dickson golf always has him doing fun things like this at golf outings and yes, he does get free golf gear. He’s got scores of golf balls lying around and even has some nice drivers and hybrids, too. While he enjoys his job and the perks, he’s not much of a golfer himself.

“I’m not super into golf, but it’s fun to play with friends,” he comments.

Grantham can be found at such pristine courses as Wakonda country club on the south side of Des Moines and golf courses all over the greater metro area and beyond. As long as they’re in driving distance that is, but the drive is half the fun. In these warm summer months Grantham cruises to and from work in a black 2006 Mazda Miata.

“It’s an instant conversation starter,” Grantham says.

Not only does the car attract admirers, it attracts fellow Miata owners as well. To hear Grantham describe it, it’s almost something of a mini car cult. He’ll meet other fellow owners and automatically become friends.

It’s easy to picture Grantham driving around in a funky little Miata, with a warm breeze blowing and the radio tuned to 99.9, making friends wherever he goes. Whether he’s on his way to a golf tournament or to Wellman’s rooftop on the weekend, he always arrives in style.

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