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Changes at Grimes Public Library

Posted July 31, 2013 in Community Blogs, Grimes

I have been working on a power point presentation for the City Council to request funds for a remodel and preservation of the interior and exterior of the library.  We hired a consultant who drew up fantastic plans for new seating, reading areas, and yes, we may be losing a few shelves, but not many and worth it for what we will be gaining.  Painting, new carpeting, additional electrical outlets and a decent staff work area, not to mention better seating at the computers, study and reading for relaxation areas and simply, better organization of our current space.

One is always looking for quotes, stories and good things that always make your institution and employees look good.

Were you aware that we have 2 librarians working here with their Masters Degree in Library Science?  2 Youth Service workers with teaching degrees? Even 2 of our filers who are now in college have been working here since their high school days!  I have been here 23 years myself and have seen many changes to the library world and anticipate exciting changes to come!

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Our goal is to serve our community,  and from our surveys we handed out in June, it sounds like we are doing a wonderful job.  We are working to increase the space at the library, and while that takes time, for now, we can put the space we have into better use, accomplishing the needs of our community patrons!

The quote I found that I think tells quite a bit about today’s lifestyle is… “While Google can give you 50,000 responses to your inquiry, your librarian
can help you find the one answer you need!”  American Library Association.

Technology provides you with a plethora of information, let us help you decipher it in a remodeled fresh, lively, and relaxing atmosphere!

Wish us luck.

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