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2011 Dodge Ram

Posted July 31, 2013 in Adel, Community Featured

When Dwight Best was thinking about buying a new truck, he sat down and made a list of all the attributes he was looking for in his ideal vehicle.

Dwight Best’s tastes run to red when he’s picking out vehicles.

Dwight Best’s tastes run to red when he’s picking out vehicles.

These included color (red), make and model (Dodge Ram), and hitching capacity (Best owns a home maintenance company and needed a big truck to pull his trailer). He drove by Adel Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep shortly thereafter and saw exactly what he was looking for.

“It had everything I wanted but the box rails and the pinstripes,” Best says. “If I had sat down and ordered this truck, I couldn’t have ordered it any better.”

Though he drove a 2001 Dodge Ram at the time of the purchase that ran just fine, Best was ready to upgrade to something bigger, more powerful and more fuel efficient.

“The 2011 Ram gets two to three times better fuel economy, even with the trailer attached,” he says. “I’d be lucky to get five miles per gallon in the old car, but this one gets 11 to 12 and has more horsepower.”

Best has been a car fanatic for his entire life and can still rattle off the exact technical specifications of one of his first cars, a red 1967 Chevelle (“Red runs in my blood,” Best says, joking about his preferred color for cars). Though he grew up in an all-Chevrolet family, he began driving Dodge vehicles in 1984 after he saw an ad for a fire engine-red Dodge Intrepid and was smitten with the car.

“I sharpened my teeth on Chevys, but I’ve been very happy with Dodge,” he says. However, no matter what he drives, Best says he learned an important lesson about taking care of cars from his family.

“My grandfather and my mom taught me that if you’re going to have a vehicle, you better make sure it’s well maintained,” he says. “I felt bad this winter when I couldn’t wash her because it was so cold, but she got a good wax job a few weeks ago.”

Though Best still plans on adding a black accent around the running boards of the truck, he was happy with how it was when he purchased it and doesn’t plan on making any major changes. He says that it might be the last truck he ever buys, and it’s important to him to get the most out of it and enjoy it.

“I love hitting the road with it in the mornings on the way to work,” he says. “It’s my baby, no doubt about it.”

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