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1955 Ford

Posted July 31, 2013 in Community Featured, Clear Lake
Gordon Djuren enjoys taking his 1955 Ford to shows.

Gordon Djuren enjoys taking his 1955 Ford to shows.

Gordon Djuren is a man of few words. He’s not prone to bragging about what he drives, what’s in his garage or just about anything else.

But he will be happy to take a few minutes and tell anyone who asks all about the sparkling blue 1955 Ford pickup truck that he loves to drive.

“I just like old trucks,” Djuren says simply.

For a kid who grew up on a farm in the Clear Lake area in the 1950s, trucks were simply a tool to get a hard day’s work done.

“We had a pickup, but we didn’t have anything like this,” Djuren recalls.

His ride these days is 1955 Ford F100 that he enjoys taking to shows each summer and visiting with people along the way.

“I like taking the truck to shows. We usually go up to the Dells once a year,” he explains.

Djuren bought the classic truck about 12 years ago and, while he says it was in “fairly good shape,” he’s still done a lot of work to make it his own.

“I’ve the changed the engine in it, changed the rear end, and put a different box on it,” he says.

Rather than placing just a new engine in it, Djuren found an old Ford engine, but not just any old engine. This one is a 312-cubic inch Thunderbird engine.

“It’s the same year as the truck, but it came out of a Thunderbird,” he notes.

A retired brick layer by trade, Djuren is accustomed to working with his hands and did most of the work on the truck himself. It helps that cars and trucks of this era were designed for shade tree mechanics unafraid to pop a hood, look around and just start tinkering. Today’s engines require specialized equipment that makes it just about impossible for anyone but a trained technician to do much of anything on.

Djuren continues to tinker with his truck and earlier this year finished putting a brand new paint job on it in a brilliant Cobalt blue.

“I just like blue,” says this man of few words. Of course, when you’re ride is as beautiful as this, you just let it do the talking for you.

Contact Darren at 953-4822 ext. 304 or to recommend someone for an upcoming issue of “What’s In Your Garage?”

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