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Pleasant Hill a great place to grow, play and live

Posted July 24, 2013 in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill

When my wife, Tiffany, and I were looking for places to open our business, Pleasant Hill truly stood out.

It had a great location on the east side of Des Moines with easy access to everything a person would need; an average age of 35 years old, meaning that there would be a lot of young families; and a growing population of nearly 9,000 people. It was a community moving in the right direction. This is a great thing for someone who is looking to build a business that will last for decades.

Living in Pleasant Hill has a great small-town feeling with the accessibility of bigger city amenities. If there’s something that you can’t get here in town, it is generally easily found within a few minutes drive. Not to say that you shouldn’t shop locally first. With new businesses on the way, Pleasant Hill is continuing to grow and prosper.

Pleasant Hill is definitely still a city on the move. It seems that every time I drive from my house to my office, I see people out running, biking and walking their dogs and kids playing with their neighbors. There is certainly a sense of a community here, and there are many opportunities to take advantage of what the city offers.

For people with young families, Pleasant Hill has some great parks, very active community sporting leagues and Family Fun Fest. For those of us who are a little more grown-up there are bike trails, a running path and Chill on the Hill. Pleasant Hill offers something for all ages.

I love the fact that so many of the people who use my services are my neighbors. I remember the first time I ran into a patient outside the office. I was introduced to her family and felt a great sense of pride as she said “This is my chiropractor, Dr. Adam.” I had to run home and tell my wife with a dopey grin on my face. It made me feel like I was an important part of the community. These days I can’t go anywhere without running into a patient. It still makes me smile.

This is the reason I am a part of the Chamber of Commerce. The Pleasant Hill Chamber is committed to supporting not only the businesses of Pleasant Hill, but also the community. We work very hard organizing events like Chill on the Hill, Family Fun Fest, the annual golf outing, and Shop In Your Own Hometown. And we are continuing to work hard to stay involved and represent Pleasant Hill in the best way possible.

Your neighbor in prosperity and health — Dr. Adam Langholdt.

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