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Lighting controls

Posted July 24, 2013 in Advice Column

Many light fixtures are simply controlled by the flip of a switch. In a home or business, it is a struggle to be everywhere at once. If light is not required during the  portion of the day or night or at a certain time of day or only at momentary times, many options are available to save energy with the use of lighting controls.

Controlling lights can be done in many ways. As most know, a switch is used to control the light either on or off. Occupancy sensors can be installed in rooms with activity for short periods of time throughout the day. Most sensors can take place of existing switches with no major renovation. Bathrooms and breakrooms are great options for occupancy sensors. Other lighting controls are wall timers used to control a lighting scenario at preset times on the timer themselves. Timers can be installed in place of an existing switch or isolated to minimize tampering.

Local utilities are offering $20 – $40 rebates per control. Energy savings combined with utility incentives  make an extremely quick payback on the investment.  Lighting controls combined with energy-efficient light fixtures simply make energy usage for lighting of your business or home extraordinary.

Another simple lighting control that is overlooked by a business is a vending machine lighting control. Pop machines are the most common. As many pop machines are illuminated all hours of the night, this device illuminates only when being used. This not only saves energy, but extends lamp and ballast life as well for the machine.

These are the most basic controlling options with many more complex scenarios available. To capture the most of your energy savings, this is a great way to start.

Information provided by Jonathan Hart, Cornerhart Electric, CEnergy Solar Solutions, 20502 490th St., Centerville, (641)895-2283.

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