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Getting yourself out of a rut

Posted July 24, 2013 in Advice Column, Pleasant Hill

One of our customers recently asked “I feel like I’m in a rut, and it’s not just about money. Life seems to be dragging on, and I’m just not too into anything. I don’t think a budget or getting out of debt would resolve anything. Do you have some suggestions?”

We’ve all been there. The rut just looks different for each of us. The good news is you don’t have to stay there.

How are you feeling? Maybe you need a trip to your doctor just to make sure this feeling of being in a rut isn’t the result of an illness. How are your eating habits?

A change to healthier food may give you increased productivity, increased creativity and even an increased ability to relax. Are you fitting exercise into your routine? Often physical activity clears our heads and helps us think clearer as well as to have more energy.

What do you enjoy doing as a hobby or interest? Look at the things that bring positive energy into your life and surround yourself with those as much as possible. This may also mean you try something new, travel somewhere new, try a new recipe, attempt a new sport or exercise class or even meet a new friend.

What things in your life can you change to make your life better? They can be serious lifestyle changes or small daily changes to your routine. Think of that small change you can make today, even if it is a bit uncomfortable at first.

Don’t expect things to change completely overnight. It can take many small steps forward to get all the way out of the rut. Take care of the small things in front of you and use that momentum to continue forward to larger goals.  Make a strong commitment to change.

Don’t try to be perfect. Work at your own pace and let yourself make mistakes. Find a way you can reward yourself and use that as motivation for change — just make sure your reward isn’t enabling unhealthy habits.

And most of all, don’t hang onto past unhappiness or mistakes. Let yourself move forward from the past and forgive yourself if need be. In order to move forward and out of the rut, let go of what is keeping you where you don’t want to stay.

Information provided by Brenda Reichert, branch manager, 1225 Copper Creek Drive, Suite M, Pleasant Hill, 515-278-5333.

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