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All in the family

Posted July 24, 2013 in Community Featured, Waukee
Pete, Kim and Shannon Michelsen enjoy the beautiful golf weather on Father’s Day.

Pete, Kim and Shannon Michelsen enjoy the beautiful golf weather on Father’s Day.

In the state of Iowa, it’s not an easy task to find a family of sons or daughters and a love of athletics that hasn’t had a parent involved in the coaching of their sport.

“My dad coached my Little League baseball team for five years,” Pete Michelsen explains. “He would also help out my sisters, Shannon and Chanel, with their softball and basketball skills. Eventually we all got into golf and, of course, my dad could always teach us something new”

Pete played Little League baseball with his dad until he grew into high school and eventually for St. Ambrose University in Davenport. These days, they have traded the diamond for the greens.

“It’s always all started with my dad teaching me the basics,” remembers Pete. “He and I both have a love of sports so it was only natural that we would all get out there together and play.”

Little pieces of their Little League team equipment remain scattered throughout their garage, along with their three sets of golf clubs. It is all packed into boxes that have withstood multiple moves.

“We have so much random equipment out there, it’s not even funny,” Pete laughs. “We try to get out on the golf course or the softball field as much as we can, but it gets hard to coordinate schedules.”

The last time that the Michelsens golfed together was Father’s Day, a tradition that they have tried to carry on for almost five years now.

“I think we just started golfing one Father’s Day when it was really nice out and now it’s just become something that we do every year,” Pete reminisces. “It’s always cool to have that day where we can all go out and do something as a family, especially now that we’re all getting older. I know my dad loves it, too.”

It’s safe to say that some of that sporting equipment will continue to gather dust, but as long as they are able to find some time to play catch or get in a couple rounds they are satisfied.

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