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Sodergren to compete at National Hershey Youth Track Meet

Posted July 23, 2013 in Community Web Exclusives, Norwalk

Briley Sodergren has been chosen to compete at the National Hershey Youth Track Meet in Hershey, PA, August 1-4.  Briley is one of five Iowa qualifiers for the 2013 national meet.  To further explain the high honor, Briley is the first Norwalk qualifier in the history of the event.

Briley receives an all-expenses paid trip to the national meet including airfare, lodging, and accommodations.  The Hershey company has an exciting weekend planned for all participants.  The meet will be held Saturday, August 3.  Jeff Lucas, Recreation Supervisor, was also chosen to be the Iowa Chaperone.

The HERSHEY’S Track & Field Games was founded 35 years ago.  It is the largest youth sports program of its kind in the United States and Canada. Events take place in every state and most provinces in North America, and hundreds of athletes make it to the grand finale — the North American Final in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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