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Urbandale Community School District Delivers A Comprehensive Strategic Plan

Posted July 18, 2013 in Community Web Exclusives, Urbandale

URBANDALE, Iowa – July 18, 2013 – The Urbandale Community School District has delivered a five-year, board-approved strategic plan entitled ‘Transformation to Excellence: Our Moral Imperative.’ Over 50 Urbandale school board members, administrators, staff, parents, education leaders, business visionaries, and community members partnered together for the development of this forward-thinking plan. The plan takes into account the district’s current reality, establishes clear benchmarks for improvement, provides actionable steps to achieve stated goals and encourages autonomy, creativity and innovation within the framework of one cohesive plan.

In 2010, the district began assessing innovative, proven and sustainable methods for transforming education in order to better align with the Urbandale vision of being a school district that brings learning to life for everyone. The district determined that a focus on Quality/Continual Improvement (Q/CI) throughout the system was the most effective path for transformation. Thus, the goals, milestones, data points and initiatives within the strategic plan align with the existing foundation of Q/CI. Having this consistency in message, purpose and direction empowers participants in the system to work together toward achieving common goals with the confidence that their efforts toward ongoing improvement are both valued and worthwhile.

“Our strategic plan reaches out over the next three to five years, and establishes and supports a constancy of purpose in our district. It is considered a ‘work in progress’ and will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure we are providing the highest quality learning experiences for our students,” said Dr. Doug Stilwell, Superintendent, Urbandale Community School District. “Urbandale is dedicated to continual improvement, and it is this long-term commitment that will allow us to focus our efforts on what is most important: bringing learning to life for everyone.”

The strategic plan focuses on the following system goals over the next three to five years: ensure success for all learners; provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum, develop leadership capacity throughout the system, create a sustainable learning organization to increase employee effectiveness, strengthen productive partnerships for education and provide efficient and effective business services to optimize resources. The district has also created a condensed version of the strategic plan entitled ‘UCSD At-A-Glance Strategic Plan.’

The ongoing process of collecting data, assessing effectiveness, providing feedback and determining steps for improvement are fundamental for lasting change. Successful implementation requires collaboration with, and participation of, all owners, stake holders and contributors in the system. By using the strategic plan as a guide for transforming education, Urbandale schools will continue doing what’s best for students, parents and staff by exploring innovative ways for engaging, inspiring and motivating lifelong learners.

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