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Environment Friendly Landscaping at Fuller Hall Recreation Center

Posted July 18, 2013 in Community Blogs

IMG_1034This past week at the Fuller Hall Recreation Center we have completed a landscaping project that will hopefully help the environment.  Part of the project created a Bio-swale area (similar to a rain garden) that will help with all of the rain water runoff from the roof of the recreation center.

IMG_1037Previously the downspouts rain directly to the storm sewer system.  The new Bio-swale area has many different plant species to help absorb the roof runoff before it does empty into the storm sewer.  Some of the new plantings include:  Russian sage, Rudbeckia, Stella Daylily, Coneflower, Spirea, Juniper, Viburnum, Prairie Dropseed grass, and Serviceberry.

As we continue landscaping the other parts of the recreation center we are always looking for comments.  Please let me know if you have any ideas.  Have a great week.

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