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Perfect vehicle

Posted July 17, 2013 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights
Darcy Dean sits atop her white Vespa, ready to head to the Des Moines Arts Fest.

Darcy Dean sits atop her white Vespa, ready to head to the Des Moines Arts Fest.

Many people would assume that the perfect vehicle to catch some rays and enjoy the beautiful summer weather would come with four wheels and a removable roof, also known as a convertible.

Although the Dean family owns one of these luxury cars, they prefer to take to two wheels while cruising the streets of Windsor Heights throughout the summer months.

“My sister was the first to get a moped because she was 14 and didn’t have a driver’s license, but was able to feel independent with a moped,” says Hillary Dean. “All she had to do was go to a class to get her moped license, and she was free to drive that around until she was old enough to get her driver’s license.”

Once Hillary and Maddie’s mom, Darcy, realized how fun and fuel-efficient the mopeds were, she bought another, and eventually a Vespa for herself to ride to work.

“We now have two Honda Metropolitans. We’ve gone through a few colors, but we now have settled on a red and a blue one, and the white Vespa, which you actually have to have a motorcycle license to drive,” says Hillary. “My friends and I ride them just about every weekend down to the East Village or the farmers market. It’s kind of challenging but funny to try and figure out how to get all of our purchases home in just the tiny console underneath the seat.”

The two-wheel tradition began when Hillary’s mom, Darcy, was younger and owned two motorcycles she rode around town on with her brother, Brian.

“The kids are the ones who ride the scooters the most often, so I decided it was my turn to invest in one for myself, which is why I got the Vespa,” Darcy laughs.

“The best part about these vehicles is their cost-efficiency,” says Darcy. “I’ve always thought that they are the best bang for your buck because it only costs about $5 to fill it up, and you can get about 240 miles to the tank, which works out perfectly to drive around town, especially one such as Des Moines.”

For the rest of the summer and fall, the Dean family will enjoy their version of a perfect vehicle for beautiful, warm weather.

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