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Partnerships can help you thrive

Posted July 17, 2013 in Ankeny, Community Featured

As I write this article, Ankeny’s premier celebration, Summerfest, is just around the corner. As you read this article, you will be remembering the great fun you, your family and friends had this year while attending Summerfest.

The event was originally called “Fun and Feed Days” and started when a few people from the community partnered together more than 40 years ago to provide a fun event for the residents of Ankeny and to showcase this great community. Those partnerships still exist in one form or another to this very day.

The Summerfest event is now guided by the Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce, but it would not be the great event it has grown into without the partnership efforts from the City of Ankeny including police, fire and public works as well as the Ankeny Jaycees, Ankeny School District and the many sponsors that are community staples of Ankeny such as Karl Chevrolet, Hy-Vee, John Deere  Des Moines Works and a whole lot more I wish I had the room to list in this article. I extend a huge thank you to all of these organizations and the people within them who come together to provide a safe and fun environment for all to enjoy. Because of these established partnerships, Summerfest continues to thrive and shows no sign of slowing down.

Take a minute to think about the partnerships that have helped you thrive in life, both personal and business. Maybe it was a parent who was your partner in preparing you for the future and helping you better understand your direction in life. Maybe it was a teacher who partnered with you to help with your studies. Or maybe it was a banker who partnered with you on a loan to help you achieve starting your own business. In all of these cases, one message is constant: we all need partnerships in life, and if we don’t ask for help from others, we risk missing out on celebrating one thing, life itself.

The Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce is here to help you find those partnerships, create those relationships and help you to achieve your own successes in business. We want to help you celebrate the same longevity that Summerfest has for so many years.

I encourage you to volunteer for the next Ankeny Chamber event, get involved and enjoy the rewards. Most of all, I wish every one of you a safe and happy summer, partner.

For a list of all of our Summerfest partners please visit our website:

Below are a few events in July or visit the Chamber website for more information:
    July 23: Ribbon cutting for Dunkin’ Donuts.
    July 24: July membership lunch. Featured speaker — Aaron Thomas from Parkersburg.

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