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Hawkeye haven

Posted July 17, 2013 in Community Featured, Grimes
Steve Comer’s garage makes it plain to see where his loyalties are.

Steve Comer’s garage makes it plain to see where his loyalties are.

The debate between Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclones is a never-ending one. All across the state, even across the nation, fans are pulled to one side and either bleed black and gold or cardinal and yellow. Alas, the feud is quelled when these two rivals aren’t on the same field, but for some the rivalry never ends.

“It’s all about the Hawkeyes for me,” says Shawn Comer. “I know some people who root for either team so long as they’re not playing one another, but that’s not for me. I don’t care at all about Iowa State, and I don’t root for them.”

When folks see Comer’s garage, this mentality becomes painstakingly obvious. Literally every wall down to the trimming, apart from the ceiling and floor, has been painted black and/or gold. One wall reads in caps “IOWA HAWKEYES,” another boasts the Tiger Hawk logo on flags, pictures, “Boo ISU” and a foam talon. The third wall features pictures of players including “The Catch,” Warren Holloway’s 56-yard touchdown reception in the last seconds of the 2005 Capitol One Bowl that gave the Hawks the win over LSU.

“I love this garage. People will give us a honk when they drive by and the garage door is up. My wife and I joke about how this will no doubt be a selling point for the house if we ever choose to leave,” says Comer. “It was actually her idea to paint up the garage this way.”

The reason for Comer’s loyalty has to do with the fact he was raised just 15 miles south of Iowa City in Lone Tree, where even the high school colors are black and gold.

“There’s just something great about Iowa City. You never see an ISU shirt around Iowa City, and I love it,” Comer says. “It’s very cool.”

Comer is optimistic for the upcoming season and even more so for the following year. Most people don’t have too many expectations for the Hawks so, for Comer, they have a lot of potential to shine. It will be a bit strange not to have Jim Zabel call the games this year, admits Comer.

“I actually got to have beers with Jim Zabel on a couple occasions,” says Comer. “He was a fun dude.”

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