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Posted July 17, 2013 in Community Featured
Mallory Asche has created a curriculum blog for the Webster City School District.

Mallory Asche has created a curriculum blog for the Webster City School District.

Webster City Community School District Curriculum Secretary Mallory Asche has created a curriculum blog in which she posts information and photos about various events happening in the school system.

The design features an appropriate “chalkboard” theme and has received nearly 4,000 views since she started posting in April.

“It’s a way to expand communication within the system and in the community,” says Curriculum and Assessment Director Linda Williams.

Asche posts brief write-ups and photos or videos about activities at the different schools.

“It has allowed us to let each grade level know what other grade levels are doing,” says Williams.  “We’re in a digital age, and we’re really into using technology for instruction and communication.”

On the blog, there are postings of various aspects of the curriculum — including when anything is added or changed — and what is going on in student classrooms.  The home page is divided into several topic sections, including assessment, curriculum, instruction, our district and resources.  Old posts are archived monthly.

Because blogs are websites that allow instant publishing of content about a certain topic or theme and can be updated often, they are considered to be more dynamic content delivery systems, whereas websites are static and infrequently changed. Both have their advantages. Blogs are published as two-way conversations that are more personal than websites; the reader has the opportunity to leave a comment at the end of each entry.

Williams and Asche report that they’ve had lots of positive feedback on the blog.

“Teachers say they enjoy knowing what’s going on at other schools,” Asche says. The secretary has experience in creating blogs and taught a class to school staff and paraeducators about it.  She says she asks staff for ideas and photos, and that posting the information takes a minimal amount of time.

“Everybody loves it,” Williams says.  “It’s exciting,” adds Asche.  The two encourage the public to view and follow the blog. Subscribers can receive e-mail notifications by entering their address in the box on the site.

“It’s a great way for parents and the community to know what’s going on in the schools,” says Williams.

For more information, visit the blog at It can also be accessed from the Webster City Community Schools website,,  under Administration – District Departments – Curriculum.

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