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Sweet ride

Posted July 10, 2013 in Community Featured
Convertible LifeGroup waves goodbye on a past trip to the Amana Colonies.

Convertible LifeGroup waves goodbye on a past trip to the Amana Colonies.

It’s common for churches to hold drives. In monthly bulletins, congregation members take note and mark dates on their calendars for fundraisers and volunteer opportunities to collect things like clothing, school supplies or canned foods. But for one Fort Dodge church, the word “drives” connotes a whole different kind of special event.

New Covenant Christian Church is home to small organizations called “LifeGroups.” These circles connect people of similar interests and invite them to participate in activities with one another based on that unique, specified interest. It’s all a part of the its uplifting mantra — “Doing life together.” For some, that playing a friendly game of cards, but for others it means cruising, tops down in flashy convertibles.

For about five years, the Convertible LifeGroup has planned one road trip per month from May through September. This summer, however, has been especially hard on these sports car enthusiasts, as the rain has literally clouded their anticipated journeys. Crossing their fingers, drivers have planned on hitting the old, dusty trail on July 20, Mother Nature permitting. Keeping a close eye on the weather reports, Pastor and Convertible LifeGroup member Janis Carmody, says the bunch will select a destination and direction that is void of precipitation with nothing but clear skies ahead.

On average, five couples will unleash their vehicles from the garage to participate in the planned drives. Past trips have led them to Iowa’s water sides in Okoboji, Clear Lake and Storm Lake. Other visited areas have been the Amana Colonies, Des Moines and also historical tourist town Galena, Ill., for an overnight trip.

If spectators want to take a glimpse at the collection of colorful vehicles as they embark on their latest adventure, they will have to catch drivers early as they head out of town.

“We prefer to take back roads versus main highways or interstates,” says Carmody.

She says by taking the road less traveled, club members enjoy the continuum of their fellowship from inside the church walls out onto the asphalt while, as Carmody colorfully puts it, “cruising through the countryside of Iowa with the wind in our hair.”

Sounds like heaven.

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