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Summer safety and home insurance

Posted July 10, 2013 in Advice Column, Norwalk

With the summer months upon us, Lane Insurance wants to remind homeowners to take extra precaution this summer to keep your family and home safe from harm and accidents around the home. We want to point out a few common areas of concern and hopefully help keep you from having an injury or claim.

What can I do to prevent grill fires and injuries?
According to U.S. Fire Administration, outside cooking grills cause more than 170 injuries each year, and $35 million in property damage and loss. Gas leaks, blocked tubes and overfilled propane tanks are to be blamed for about half of all these property loss and injuries. In order to prevent injuries and property loss at your home this year, take in consideration the following tips for preventing grill fires:
•    Before cooking, check the connection between the fuel line and the propane tank. Make sure the tubes are not blocked.
•    Do not overfill the propane tank.
•    Use caution when handling lighter fluid. Do not add lighter fluid to an existing fire because the flames can cause an explosion.

Pool safety tips
With the summer months here, it is more important than ever to brush up on swimming safety. With more than 43,000 swimming pool-related injuries each year and nearly 600 deaths, it is never too often to remind yourself and children of safe swimming practices.
•    Supervise children at all times. Drowning can happen in a matter of seconds, and even a quick errand inside the house, or way from the water can be too long to leave them unattended.
•    City ordinance can require a fence to keep children and uninvited guests from using your pool without your knowledge.
•    Diving should be closely regulated, and children should always be aware of safe diving depths.

Ways to prevent lawn mower accidents and injuries
Approximately 75,000 people per year seek emergency room treatment for injuries sustained while using one a lawn mower. Most of these accidents are caused by human error due to lack of knowledge about the equipment.

The following are a few safety tips to follow:
•    Never leave a running mower unattended for any period of time. Always supervise children when they are near a mower.
•    Never attempt to unclog or perform maintenance on a mower while it is on. Any time it becomes necessary to work on the mower, turn the mower off and disconnect the spark plug wire.
•    Always allow the mower to cool before refueling.

Lane Insurance hopes you have a safe and enjoyable summer.

Information provided by Mike Lane, Lane Insurance Agency, Inc., 1225 Sunset Drive, (800) 244-4608.

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