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Remember the farm

Posted July 10, 2013 in Community Featured, West Des Moines
Wayne Tischhauser keeps one Farmall in his garage and stores one with a friend.

Wayne Tischhauser keeps one Farmall in his garage and stores one with a friend.

Wayne Tischhauser proves that there is truth to the old adage, “You can take the boy off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the boy.”

Remember that the next time you see the 66-year-old West Des Moines man driving his fire engine red 1949 Farmall C around town or his 1953 Farmall Super H on a tractor ride somewhere across Iowa.

Tischhauser, who learned at an early age how to drive his father’s Farmall tractors on the family’s century farm located near the Mississippi River in rural Dubuque County, says he started collecting Farmall toy tractors about 15 years ago. But it wasn’t until about eight years ago — when he bought his first tractor at an auction and began driving it — that the memories of his childhood, including those of him driving the family’s Farmall tractor while his father stood on the back of it using a hand seeder, came rushing back in full Technicolor thanks to sight, sound and smell of his first Farmall.

“I had a friend who went on a tractor ride, and it sounded like a lot of fun, so I bought an old H and then kept updating,” he says.

Tischhauser says he has owned four tractors in that short period of time, none of which were his family’s, and never more than two at a time as he stores one in his garage and the other with a friend. He drives his Super H at special events organized by a tractor club, and two years ago he drove it in the state fair parade in downtown Des Moines. His wife, Janet, has even joined in on the fun, driving his Farmall C on occassion.

“I just like being back out in the country and seeing the farm fields,” he says.

Tischhauser says he also enjoys the smiles and waves he receives when he takes his Farmall C for spin around the block, noting how it conjures up fond memories for some onlookers.

“Once in a while you get someone who wants to talk and tell you how much it reminds them of their youth, or their father or their grandfather. You’d be surprised how many farm kids are in the city,” he says.

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