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Q: What are some tips for successful contact lens wear?

Posted July 10, 2013 in Advice Column, Norwalk

A: Here is some practical advice that we share with patients:
• Always wash your hands with a cream free soap before handling the lenses.
• Clean and disinfect your lenses with an approved multipurpose solution; never use homemade saline or tap water.
• Change your contact lens case every six months, and completely submerge the lenses in the case with multi purpose solution. Never reuse solution.
• Do not share your lenses with others.
• Do not put contacts in your mouth to moisten them with saliva.
• Follow the wearing and replacement schedule recommended by your doctor.
• Remove your contacts before swimming and entering a hot tub.
• Avoid wearing contacts in dusty and windy environments.

As you can see, using common sense can help avoid complications. Contact lenses are medical devices and should be treated accordingly. Regular checkups are important to monitor the fit and vision with the lenses and to assess the health of the eyes.

Answer provided by Dr. Michael O’Meara at Optometric Association of Warren County, P.C., 1228 Sunset Drive, Suite A, Norwalk, 981-0224.

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